Thursday, March 09, 2006

No More Orange Drinks and Beefaroni

An article in The Mercury News describes the Santa Clara Unified School District's efforts to curb junk food eating in their schools.

It's amazing to think back to my days in kindergarten, eating beefaroni and drinking those "orange drinks". In high school, the only things in the vending machines were sodas and candy bars. My high school years were spent while on a sugar and caffeine high.

It's sad that decision makers are often faced with sacrifing health and well-being for cost effectiveness. If school boards in this country have a hard time replacing textbooks, they sure as hell can't spend a few extra bucks to buy orange "juice" over orange "drinks." I hope more schools will take some initiative and find ways in their budget to take health more seriously. The diabetes rate in this country is mind boggling.

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