Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Chronicle of 365 Meals - Review

I'm a relatively new food blogger. I'm still learning html code and picture taking techniques among other things, to bring to you, my audience, a presentable site. I hope I'm doing an ok job at it thus far.

I want to take a second to praise some of the veteran bloggers out there who are doing some amazing and creative things with their sites. A majority of these sites are maintained by food lovers. They're not chefs, restaurant managers, or professional food critics. These guys simple love food, and the art of preparing food through trial and error. Most importantly, they love to share their experiences.

One site in particular really caught my eye recently. Ken Sloan runs a really ambitious site called A Food Yearthat chronicles his daily dinner experiences. This is a guy who understands how difficult it can be to put together a uniquely different meal each and every night, but he's going with it, and doing an awesome job.

Here's a great quote from his site: "I believe that since we must eat to survive that we should make food a bigger part of our lives. I hope to inspire people to cook in their kitchens beyond the microwave and pry them away from the reliance on boxes, cans and delivery services as their primary food source. I understand that finding time in our fast paced society to prepare dinner every night is difficult, but it's extremely important."

And it's extremely important because variety really is the spice of life, and we shouldn't be eating the same meal day in and day out, even if it means taking yesterday's leftover rice and making fried rice cakes out of them the next day.

Another interesting thing he mentions is that he's actually saving money by preparing his own meals over dining out. I'm still learning to be more cost effective when I shop for food. I'm pretty good about how to shop, but I always have to buy that bag of chips for the ride home.

Please check out his site as well as other food blog sites listed (or not yet listed) in my links section. Let's continue to support and learn from each other.

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Ken said...

Thanks for the review, Hiro. I thought it was very well-written and really appreciate not being compared to Rachel Ray or the Julie/Julia project :D