Sunday, April 23, 2006


My lunch consisted of homemade guacamole and a Rolling Rock.

There's a lot of theories about the prevention (or at least the slowing down) of avocados oxidizing and turning brown quickly. Like apples, you can postpone the browning by adding an acid (in this case, a lime). There's also an urban legend about using the avocado pit to slow the browning as well. Either way, just to be safe, I used both.

My guacamole:

Avocado (1 large, or 2 medium, ripe)
1 diced Roma Tomato (I like the Roma for this because they're firm, and the juices don't run out)
1/4 diced White Onion
Kosher Salt
Garlic Salt


Ken Sloan said...

Brown guac is NOT very appetizing. Better safe than sorry!

Anonymous said...

that's exactly how i make my homemade guac except i also include a diced raw jalapeno (with the seeds removed!) and then let it sit, covered for a bit so the flavors meld. delicioso!

and i think you'd be fine with just the lime

sarah said...

the reason the pit "prevents" browning is that the area that it's sitting in isn't exposed to air. the rest of the guacamole though, will still turn brown. :)

best to just keep plastic wrap on the surface until just before serving.

dang, sorry about the food nerdity. ;)