Saturday, April 08, 2006

Using one of the mother sauces

We're incorporating bechamel, one of the ""five mother sauces," to make a compound sauce: nacho cheese sauce.

I know that nacho cheese sauce is more of a novelty that you'd find at a Taco Bell over an authentic Mexican restaurant, but Ihappen to love nacho cheese sauce.

To make Bechamel (white sauce), heat equal parts flour and butter to make a roux. This eliminates the taste of any rawness from the flour. Add scald milk, whisk while simmering, and that's your basic white sauce. Add salt, pepper, and nutmeg to taste.

To make the compound sauce, all I did was add shredded cheddar. Here, I would also add jalapenos, but didn't have any at home.

I used chicken for my nachos today. I dry rubbed some cumin, salt, and pepper, seared the chicken thighs, then covered the pot and simmred in low heat in its own juices.

Canned corn replaced olives as topping today.

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