Saturday, March 10, 2007

Pinkberry as comfort food

A lot of people are now discovering this Pinkberry craze. But is it just a fad? Is this craze going away anytime soon?

Despite the space age/anime/modern interior of the Pinkberry stores that attracts yogurt newbies, I feel connected to the frozen yogurts on a more nostalgic level. To me, it tastes like a combination of two childhood favorites of mine: Calpis and Yakult (both available at most Japanese markets).

On the westside, there's a few Pinkberry locations:
West LA (Olympic and Sawtelle)
Marina Del Rey

Corn Tortillas

I apologize for being so behind on my blogs. Long story short, I lost my digital camera. I finally bought myself a nice Sony Cyber-shot. I'm sure that now that I have this new camera, I'm gonna find my old camera somewhere.

There's nothing better than making corn tortillas using masa harina. Invest in a tortilla press. They're great to have.

By the way, if you know a good carniceria on the westside, please let me know.