Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pho real? Pho Show

A Pho place near my house. I decided to give this place a shot, despite its corny play on words.

This section in Wikipedia made me laugh:

"A popular naming convention for phở restaurants in some localities seems to be placing a number in the name (e.g. Phở 24, whose name refers to the use of 24 ingredients, and the 24 hours required to prepare the broth).[3] There are four differing stories as to how this practice came about:

* The restaurant was opened in the year indicated in the name.
* The owner of the restaurant was a restaurateur in Vietnam before immigrating, and their restaurant was located on that street number.
* Much in the same way that one would see multiple burger restaurants with a number after them (e.g., John's #2), the number is simply present to prevent duplication in naming.
* According to the owner of a phở restaurant in Maryland, the number is one that is considered "lucky" by the owner.

Additionally, some restaurant names are unintentional (or in some cases, intentional) forms of word play on phở and fuck, as in "Phở Kim Long", "What the Phở?" and even "Phở King"."

I was very impressed with the spring rolls. They were perfectly fried. The Pho on the other hand, was a bit bland for my taste, but still very passable, partly because of the convenience factor. The staff was very attentive. On the westside, I personally prefer Pho 99 on Wilshire, but I'm definitely glad there's a new Pho place.

Pho Show
4349 Sepulveda Blvd.
Culver City