Wednesday, October 29, 2008


What are we tipping at restaurants these days? 15%? 20% Has the recent economic recession changed our usual tipping habits? Do we leave no tip when the service is bad? Do we ever put money in tip jars at Starbucks?

As a rule of thumb, I generally tip in the 20-25% range. Service is bad, I still leave a minimum of 15%.

And sometimes when they have me sign my receipt with a pen with a large plastic flower on it, I find myself conflicted on how much I tip I should leave.


Eban Lehrer said...

I always tip at least 15% for service at a sit down meal, unless the service is truly atrocious - and up to 20% for good service. What I find offensive is the hints that are given suggesting you should tip for food that is ordered to go (not delivered). A tip is for the service received at a sit down meal (water glasses filled, bread replenished, special requests, food brought while still hot, etc.). If you call a restaurant to order food to go from them, I would expect to go pick it up without them dropping hints that you should leave a tip (please sign your charge receipt and total it...a tip jar, etc.). The only time I would think a tip should be given for take out food is when you have asked for something special, like extra Parmesan cheese or bread, etc. - then it is okay to leave a small tip (a buck or two).

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