Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in the World??

I was at Vicente Foods in search of an afternoon snack, and I stumbled upon a big box of chocolate chip cookies.  When the box says, "The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies In the World [not kidding]," I can't help but to purchase a box and decide for myself.

Were they the best cookies in the world?  Not really, in my opinion.  They were still good, but had no X factor that would make me say that they're the best cookies in the world.  It's all subjective though, isn't it?  The creators, Bart and Judy, I assume, that in their hearts of hearts, believe that their cookies are the the best in the world.

I like the instruction sheet that it comes with:

"I. How to best enjoy our cookies:
These cookies are packaged in oxygen barrier packaging, -like a fine wine, these cookies benefit from "decanting"."

Pick up a box at Vicente Foods if you feel compelled to be the judge of a very bold claim.