Monday, January 11, 2010

Kentucky Grilled Chicken

I remember the plethora of Kentucky Fried Chicken locations in Japan when I was growing up. KFC to me was always the standard in which I measured all other fried chickens. Say what you will about the KFC chicken, but to me, I take comfort in knowing that when I yearn for fried chicken (usually about once a month), there's a reliable drive-thru ready to serve me with the most consistent chicken.

I was shocked to find that the marketing people came up with a grilled chicken. The first batch of commercials featured Sandra Lee (who by the way is the perfect combination of beauty and culinary skills). If this new grilled chicken was alright by Sandra Lee, I was going to have to try it.

I went online to check out the ingredients. I was shocked to find among the ingredients: MSG, rendered beef fat (??), and anticaking agents. The grilled variety is definitely less caloric and fatty by a considerable margin, but if I'm going to KFC, I'm going all out and throwing nutritional figures out the door.

Overall, I'd say the grilled chicken was ok, but the only thing I would ever have at KFC is the original recipe chicken.